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Dancer Choreographer / Model Actor


Dancer / choreographer.

He started ballet and dance from an early age, and started his career as a professional dancer while he was in college.

Currently, he is an all-rounder with a wide range of genres centered on ballet, jazz, and contemporary house.

In Japan, he has performed and choreographed various commercials, stages, events, etc., and co-starred with many famous artists. There are many inquiries about corporate events, and he is also involved in choreography, guidance, and casting. He also has experience studying abroad as a scholarship student in New York, Italy, and the Philippines, holding dance workshops, and showing.

After graduating from Keio University, he joined Recruit and became both an office worker and a dancer. Received a full-year MVP for sales and abandonment. Experience involved in new businesses. Recently, he has expanded his field of activity to include actresses and models.

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Lecturer / lecture history

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